Kitchen Ranges By Four Corners - Solid Wood Cabinets

Kitchen Ranges

Kitchens Hand Crafted for Real Life.

Our Quaker Oak kitchen, Cotswold Oak kitchen, Rectory Oak kitchen and hand painted kitchen are crafted to withstand family life. Hardwearing and practical all cabinets are handmade using traditional methods such as dovetail joints on our drawers and, mortice and tenon joints on our doors. The doors themselves are built in frame (that means they aren’t the front of the cabinet they sit within a frame of oak or maple providing extra strength and stability) so you can be assured they won’t be falling to pieces a few years down the line.

Behind your cabinet doors we can fit the most up to date appliances and internal fittings; beauty is not door deep here!

As we make all the cabinets ourselves it means we can make bespoke pieces for you. They can go in round one corner and back out the other, be slightly taller, shorter, narrower, wider, rounder or, be a one off design all singing all dancing larder cupboard, whatever is needed.

Four Corners Kitchen Ranges

Our Quaker Oak kitchen shows all the hallmarks of a quality solid wood kitchen. The doors are built in frame (that means they aren’t the front of the cabinet they sit within a piece of oak providing extra strength and stability). The cupboards are full height and are teamed with sets of drawers, standard depth and robust pan drawers too.

Why not mix and match and have a combination of Quaker Oak and hand painted cabinets too?

Our Hand Painted kitchen is just that. One of our solid wood kitchens painted by hand by one of our professional decorators any colour you choose. The cabinets are hand crafted from maple. Maple is a hardwood just like oak and provides that strength and stability we would all like at the heart of our home together with a satiny smooth grain to provide a fabulous painted finish.

Our Cotswold Oak kitchen features a tongue and groove in frame door with peg detail and drawers above each cupboard. Traditional in its design with a real hand crafted look it is a great showcase for the European Oak we use.

Our Rectory Oak kitchen shows all we know about handcrafting oak kitchens. With additional beading detail on the doors and drawers, the whole cabinet is crafted from oak. Provide focal points in your Rectory Oak kitchen with hand painted pieces or indulge yourself with the beautiful European Oak throughout.

All our solid wood kitchens are crafted to ensure we can craft your dream kitchen with flexibility to suit your needs.