Made To Measure Furniture By Four Corners

Made to Measure

Round Pegs in Round Holes

Many of our made to measure furniture customers have limited space (or a large one) with a big need for that piece that will solve all their problems. Things you’ve seen may have been too large, too small, too tall, too short. Four Corners aims to be the "just right" in the fairy tale:

One of our coffee tables - but wider - no problem
One of sideboards but narrower - sorted
One of our dining tables - but with turned legs - bobs your uncle
A 6’ bed - sleep easy - and we can supply a fabulous mattress too.

We think you get the picture.

This premium service is simply organised: Once the design and dimensions have been agreed we will quote you a price to hand craft your unique piece of furniture for you. You pay and approximately 8 weeks later you have the bespoke furniture you’ve been searching for the past 6 years for!

Made to Measure Images