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Our Craftsmen

At our workshop we have all we need to create remarkable furniture: a continuous supply of quality sustainably sourced wood, craftsmen skilled in traditional methods and modern facilities.

The craftsmen are led by David, one of the founders of Four Corners. He has over 40 years experience here in the UK of designing and crafting furniture. The team, in the Carpathian Alps, use a combination of state of the art tools and traditional techniques, such as mortice & tenon and dovetail joints to hand build the furniture to a high quality.

The knowledge and skill of the craftsmen enable them to interpret drawings of bespoke furniture and create unique pieces for you that are both practical and beautiful.

Our Craftsmen at Work

Crafting Dovetail Joints

Once the furniture has been crafted it is hand finished with Danish Oil for Oak or our own Beeswax mix for Pine and then, carefully bubble wrapped awaiting shipment to us in the Cotswolds.

The Four Corners Craftsmen