Quaker Oak Heavy Dining Table

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Product Description:

When a piece of furniture takes up as much room as a Dining Table we think it should give you as much pleasure as nabbing that last roast potato.

Consequently, our Quaker Oak Heavy Dining Tables are not just fitted with a bland 40mm thick oak top they are fitted with 40mm thickness of Oak with the most lively grain, knots and, or medullary rays.

The Quaker Oak Heavy Dining Table legs are robust and chunky with the Oak matching the weighty top. All in all just as satisfying and hearty as a great Sunday roast !



Please choose your product options below for the Quaker Oak Heavy Dining Table.

1.5m Table 150 x 77 x 96 cm / Seats 4 - 6 £800.00
1.8m Table 180 x 77 x 96 cm / Seats 6 - 8 £906.00
2.0m Table 200 x 77 x 96 cm / Seats 8 - 10 £989.00
2.2m Table 220 x 77 x 96 cm / Seats 10 - 12 £1,057.00

As hearty and chunky as the best winter soup this Quaker Oak Heavy Dining Table is made of European Oak, sourced from the Carpathian Mountains that surround our workshop, to create the Four Corners Quaker Oak range.

We passionately believe each item of furniture we craft should celebrate the true character and natural beauty of oak.

Our famous character is obtained through utilising the natural variations in oak timber, we especially look for strong grain, knots, medullary rays (as often seen in antique pieces) and variations in the colour.

This results in a piece of furniture as unique as the trees it has been crafted from. For more information about the wood we use please click here.

The legs of the table are built around a pine core.

Our Quaker Oak furniture is finished in Danish Oil. This natural oil highlights the beauty of the wood as well as feeding and protecting it. For more information about caring for your furniture please click here.

Delivery is available nationwide, please call us on 01789 297 818.